I am a professional portrait artist, graduated in Fine Arts. After a long career of more than twenty-five years doing commissioned portraits, I am proud to know that many people from all corners of the world, especially from Spain, France, Germany, Holland, UK and the United States, have my works in their private collections.

I always liked to make portraits of the people who crossed my path. Since I was 7 years old, when I started to study drawing, I was passionate about portraying the people who surrounded me at that time. At the age of 15, I entered an Art School and later I entered the Faculty of Fine Arts.

In world of the painting of portraits on commission, in addition to talent and special training, the portrait artist must have a third essential condition in order to achieve good results: to draw and paint portraits every day.  This is what I do. I am a perfectionist by nature.  I want to see harmony in everything, so I strive to make any work as good as possible, but that is precisely why I remain the harshest critic for myself. I am a firm believer that the painter has a very important responsibility: he must know how to apply paint and use other artistic techniques well enough so that the portrait can last.

Apart from the gallery on this website you can see more samples of my portraits on Facebook.

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