Photos process

Clients often ask me if I can send them photos of my artistic process. I say yes, but only when the portrait is done.


1. When I have to send you a photo of a stage, the artistic process is interrupted because I have to wait for the client to answer.

2. The client will most likely give in to temptation and want to participate in the artistic process and try to find something to change in the still unfinished work. After all, everyone wants to feel like a bit of an artist.

3. Not all clients are able to express their claims accurately, and there may be difficult negotiations.

4. I don’t want to offend anyone, but not every client’s advice benefits the portrait.  Unprofessional advice in the work process can be detrimental.  

5. I’m afraid that if the client sees the beginning of the work, he/she could be taken aback, as, in the initial stages, the work does not focus on the likeness, but on composition, volumes, etc. The process itself is not particularly beautiful.

With all this correspondence with the client, deadlines can be unpredictably long. And the client often wants to meet the deadline. The amount of work also increases. In short, everything increases, except the price.  The drawing takes place in a negative environment, the artist feels the constant supervision and dissatisfaction of the client. This is always bad for the result.

After all, people in other professions don’t like to show unfinished work either. Imagine asking the chef to let you taste a dish he has just started to cook.

For all that, at your request I could send you the photos of stages of the work, but only after finishing the portrait.

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